SIA Besta will be merged with AS Spodrība as a result of reorganisation as of 22.04.2020.


SIA Besta informs that the process of merger of SIA Besta and AS Spodrība is commenced. We plan that the process will be successfully completed on 22.04.2020 and SIA Besta will join AS Spodrība.

As a result of merger AS Spodrība will take over all rights and obligations of SIA Besta, including, but not limited to, liabilities towards creditors of SIA Besta, arising before the closure date of the merger, and rights of claim towards all debtors of SIA Besta.

That means that AS Spodrība will take over all contractual obligations of SIA Besta - obligations and rights - without entering into any additional contracts towards your company and will continue to fulfil them.

In case if you have any additional questions about the above-mentioned, please, contact us by sending your questions to the e-mail:


Besta Ltd. is the fastest growing wholesale and product distribution company in Latvia having developed its operations in the FMCG sector. We are working with retail and pharmacy chains, specialised shops, and refuelling stations.

Our distribution network includes more than 3,000 various points of sale.

The enthusiast team of Besta Ltd. includes various professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the Latvian market. We have established close relationships with cooperation partners, giving the highest priority to understanding of their interests and combining them with the company’s objectives.


To offer carefully selected high quality products, according to customers’ wishes and needs.


To become one of the leading wholesale companies of household chemicals and skin care products distribution in Baltic states.



Professional team. Knowing, trustworthy and united team, which is directed towards achieving common goals and strengthening our main value – our customers.​

Responsibility. We are responsible for our clients, employees and collaboration partners, while implementing a fair business practice.

Long-term development. Company is working and planning its business activity according to market trends, as well as is constantly seeking for new solutions and innovations, in order to increase the competitiveness level.

Our team is professionals with over 15 years' experience in the FMCG sector. 



Sales & Marketing

To bring you one step closer to the consumer, Besta Ltd. organises sales processes and marketing activities throughout Latvia.

The company’s team with more than 15 years’ experience in the Latvian market ensures the highest sales service level of products and implements the most efficient trademark promotion strategies on a day-to-day basis.

We successfully plan our sales potential, set sales volumes, distribute products in the market, take care of their placement on shop shelves, and carry out appropriate marketing activities. 

For promotion and development of trademarks in the market, we offer development and implementation of detailed marketing campaign plans (including production and delivery of promotional materials to points of sale, product tastings, and presentations, advertising in various media, lotteries, competitions, etc.).

Customer management — order, invoice, and credit management, purchasing services, financing and insurance, as well as stockpiling services.


Our team offers merchandising services throughout Latvia, providing quality services for shops to ensure maximum visibility and availability to consumers.

We offer control over and execution of orders for goods, control over stock balances at points of sale and periodical reporting.

Logistics Services

We cooperate with one of the leading Baltic companies, which ensures logistics and international transport services.

The company has its own vehicle fleet ensuring fast and quality delivery of goods.

For storage of your goods, we offer warehouse facilities with a total area of 54,000 m2.


Year of establishment


Teams' experience in market


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December 13, 2017

Besta Ltd. has started cooperation with Icelandic company Icos ehf

Since November 14,2017 SIA Besta has become a distributor of the Icelandic brand SAGA in Latvia market.

October 03, 2017

Besta Ltd. becomes a distributor of the brand Larifan.

Besta Ltd. and the pharmaceutical company Larifans Ltd. have started cooperation to help distribute brand Larifan.

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How to become a cooperation partner?

To become a cooperation partner, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you find the best way to market your product!

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