Besta Ltd. has started cooperation with Icelandic company Icos ehf

December 14,2017

Since November 14,2017 Besta Ltd. has become a distributor of the Icelandic brand SAGA in Latvia market.

SAGA product portfolio includes cosmetic with Icelandic herbal extracts. The products are suitable for normal, dry and rough skin care. The products nourish, stabilize and soften skin, restore its balance and provide energy.

More information about Icos ehf see here:

Besta Ltd. becomes a distributor of the brand Larifan.

October 04,2017

Besta Ltd. and the pharmaceutical company Larifans Ltd. have started cooperation to help distribute Latvian brand Larifan.

Larifan is an antiviral and immunomodulating product whose exposure diapason ranges from strengthening local immunity to general immune system stabilization, which means that these products can be used to prevent the diseases by strengthening immunity, to treat serious viral diseases and to use in tumor immunotherapy. It is obtained biotechnologically from bacteria, so Larifan is a natural BioProduct.

More information about Larifans see here:

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